Latest Flex Office Market Insights: London Flexible Office Space Report - January 2024

From the City of London to Greenwich to Westminster, Rubberdesk offers a wide variety of private flexible offices and coworking desks for teams of 1 to 100 plus.

With over 5 million sqm of available flexible office space to rent across Greater London, Rubberdesk has more than 100,000 desks for rent. These offices are turn-key, all-inclusive, and are ready to go on 3, 6, or 12-month terms.

Prices for flexible office space vary by region. Even within London, the median price of a private office varies from a low of £288 per person in South London to a high of £694 per person per month in Central London.

There are offices for individuals as well as teams of 100 or more, and best of all, our service is free to use, and without obligation - get a quote from a flexible office space specialist.

Popular London locations

Compare Median Prices Across Greater London

Median Office Rate Per Person Median Coworking Desk Rate Flex Floorspace Available (sq ft) Available Seat Capacity
£622 £350 5,117,750 102,355

How Do Median Prices Compare Across London by Region?

City 1-4 Desks 5-10 Desks 11-15 Desks 16-25 Desks 26-50 Desks 50+ Desks
Central London £675 £667 £650 £655 £716 £759
West London £385 £400 £429 £485 £563 £488
East London £350 £350 £410 £495 £522 £520
North London £325 £350 £351 £330 £429 £550
South London £257 £240 £229 £400 £225

Source Rubberdesk. All prices accurate as of September 2023

Median price of flexible office in London by region - All prices accurate as of January 2024

Flexible Office Space Across Greater London

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