UK Flexible Office Space

UK Flexible Office Space

Here's what's new in the world of flexible office space in the UK

From tips to transforming your space into a coworking office to the launch of brand new serviced offices, Rubberdesk will be bringing you weekly ideas and coworking content to keep you in the loop of this ever-evolving industry!

Tips to survive working remotely

Wednesday, 7th October 2020  |  Office Space

Tom Petryshen, Rubberdesk's Chief Marketing Officer shares some great advice on how to remain focussed, happy, and productive whilst working from home. As an early adopter of remote working - I serviced many of my clients in North America w … Read more

BE Offices Premium Office Space in London and the UK

Tuesday, 22nd September 2020  |  Office Space

With so much choice for flexible office space, where do you start? We'll be putting together a comprehensive list of the UK's best office space providers to help make your search for office space as easy as can be. In today's post, we tak … Read more

7 Reasons Why Flexible Offices are No Longer Just for Startups

Friday, 18th September 2020  |  Blog

Home / Office Space Long before coworking became a part of our vernacular, startups around the world were taking up empty spaces in warehouses, garages, desks at a friend’s office and wherever they could find cheap space to kickstart their … Read more

Flexible Office Space for Construction Industry Tender Process

Friday, 4th September 2020  |  Office Space

Long before ground is broken on any construction or civil engineering project, there's the tender process. The sheer size of projects being worked on present unique challenges to the construction industry from the bidding and tender process … Read more

Flexible Office Space: Current market trends

Wednesday, 19th August 2020  |  Office Space

Prior to COVID-19 many businesses were already exploring flexible office space as another option in their real estate toolbox. Demand from UK firms had been growing steadily over the last three years, and there is considerable planned new su … Read more

The top 10 benefits of Flexible Office Space

Friday, 14th August 2020  |  Office Space

The flexible space market has come a long way since the days of the early adopters being sole traders and tech startups looking for cheap shared office spaces. Now, tenants come from government, construction, corporate, and finance sectors, … Read more

Wizu Workspace: Serviced offices in Leeds and Bradford

Friday, 14th August 2020  |  Office Space

Are you tired of working in a soulless, windowless, boring office space? If you are, (and if you aren't there's no harm in doing some window shopping), we have quite possibly the most exciting office solution for you. Introducing Wizu Works … Read more

Flexible Working Made Easy with The Office Group

Monday, 10th August 2020  |  Blog

Since its founding in 2003, The Office Group has continued to maintain their focus on design, quality, and originality. And with a keen eye for detail, each of their locations has been designed with careful consideration for the architecture … Read more

A 5 Person Office in London is More Affordable Than you Think

Monday, 10th August 2020  |  Office Space

With over 200 five-person offices across London's 5 main sub-regions, there are flexible spaces located in brand new buildings to renovated warehouses for every budget. Of course, like many choices in business, the costs vary by location and … Read more

5 ways to attract and retain staff in the age of flexible work

Monday, 20th July 2020  |  The Sharing Economy, Everything Else, Blog

The standard 9-5 workday is fast becoming a thing of the past. Your needs as a business owner have changed, the needs of the customers have changed, and of course, your employees’ needs have also changed. With millennials expected to make u … Read more

Offices for Larger Teams at Mindspace

Thursday, 2nd July 2020  |  Office Space

Immerse yourself amongst one of the most dynamic, inclusive office environments in London. Mindspace strives to bring to life seamless office solutions that cater to your business's every need. In today's post, we take a look at who Mindspac … Read more

Finding a 10 Person Office in London

Thursday, 21st May 2020  |  Office Space

There's no doubt the post-pandemic office environment is going to look very different once stay at home orders are relaxed. While small businesses and larger companies once allowed their teams to work in close proximity to others there will … Read more

Rubberdesk's 5 Tips to Managing a Virtual Team

Wednesday, 1st April 2020  |  Office Space

As the current pandemic has accelerated the work from home movement, team members are now working remotely and are learning to adjust to a new way of life and work. Whilst it may seem like a huge change for most, working remotely isn't a new … Read more

How to Earn Revenue from your Spare Office Space

Wednesday, 18th March 2020  |  Office Space

While Coworking spaces make the headlines with multibillion dollar valuations, there’s a staggering $2bn worth of unused office space in regular offices in Australia. Rubberdesk has helped businesses share and earn from their spare office s … Read more

Should I Sublease or Licence My Spare Office Space?

Monday, 9th March 2020  |  Office Space

Whether you’ve moved into an office that you plan to grow into or if you’ve downsized and have spare desks and offices in your building – you’ve got spare office space – a valuable commodity. Remember: Spare Desks = The Perfect Coworkin … Read more

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